Bulk URL Data Tool

URL information
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Note: if you are using Excel and dependent on your software version, you may receive a warning when opening the results file. This can be ignored - the file is simply a plain-text CSV. We are working on fixing this issue.

What does this tool do?

The tool will visit each URL entered, gathering data as it goes, and supply the results in spreadsheet format.

Response/HTTP Status Code Report

This report will record the initial HTTP status code of each URL entered. If the URLs redirect, it will also follow those redirects, record how many redirects occured, and let you know the final destination.

Aw, not a blimmin' captcha?

We want to keep our tools free for everyone to use and without requiring a login. The only way we can do that and not get shouted at by our long-suffering web host is to make sure only people (not robots) use the tool.